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Hot Air Balloon Takes Off Over Carnival 2011

Tuesday evening (June 7th), Patrick along with his dedicated volunteers successfully launch a Hot Air Balloon during the Annual Woodsboro Fireman's Carnival (June 6th-June 12th, 2011).

The Woodsboro Volunteer Fire Company feels this would add a nice bonus to the Carnival this year, which is attracting new visitors to our Annual Carnival Fundraiser.  We hope that everyone has enjoyed the launches thus far, and we look forward to having them launch again next year!

:: Wed 06/08/2011 @ 07:47

Hot Air Balloon

On Tuesday, May 10, 2011 @ 7PM, volunteers from the local Hot Air Balloon organization (Friendship Hot Air Balloon Co.) performed a test launch in preparation for the Woodsboro Carnival.  The Woodsboro Carinval runs runs from June 6th - 11th this year and these volunteers will be making the carnival this year extra special by launching their Hot Air Balloon each night of the carnival.

We very much appreciate the time they took out of their day to help make this a successful launch, and we look forward to their performance during the Carnival week.  Lets hope the weather cooperates.

:: Wed 05/11/2011 @ 07:53

Water Rescue

On the evening of April 16, 2011, when floods swept the PA/MD region, two patients and three pets were rescued from a home (pictured) surrounded by swift moving flood waters in Fairfield, PA (Adams County). 

Fairfield, East Berlin, and Emmitsburg Fire Department personell along with Lake Meade and Woodsboro Vol. Fire Department Rescue Boats & Teams and Emmitsburg ambulance assisted with the rescue incident.

Pictured:  The aftermath, the home as it stands on 04/17/11.

:: Mon 04/18/2011 @ 09:21

March 2011 Drill

On Sunday, March 20th, 2011 between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, the Woodsboro Volunteer Fire Company and surrounding companies hosted an array of drills.  The drills extended across the Woodsboro region, and allowed fire companies to practice their skill sets, which ranged from drafting water, operating pumps, SCBA’s, and nozzle/hose lines.

Companies participating in the exercise included Lewistown, Libertytown, New Midway, Walkersville, Woodsboro, and Rocky Ridge. The Fire Police also assisted with efforts, mitigating traffic for incoming pumpers.

Thanks goes out to all who participated, making the exercise possible (including the Ladies Aux.).

Photo By: Kimberly Norris (New Midway Vol. Fire Co.)

:: Wed 03/23/2011 @ 05:43

Silo Rescue

The Woodsboro Volunteer Fire Company and other surrounding units responded to a confined space rescue the afternoon of 1/11/10, with reports of a person trapped within a corn silo at Southern States, in Woodsboro, MD.

Responders from the Woodsboro Volunteer Fire Company quickly entered a large corn silo at the facility via a two-foot-by-two-foot hole. They found the victim in the dusty environment that was trapped.

In order to save the victim from submerging into the corn any further, causing him to suffocated with corn, the interior rescue team developed make shift walls (using backboards and other materials), placing them around the victim in order to pull the corn away. This quick action allowed the victim to breathe through the provided 02 mask more easily while the exterior team determined how to extricate the victim from the silo. 

The exterior team determined that chiseling relief holes into the exterior of the silo in order to pull the corn away from the victim would be the fastest approach. This allowed the victim to breathe more easily, and allow the responders to remove the victim from the silo in the quickest fashion.

One interior rescuer stated, "every time we would scoop, we would cave in more, and by the exterior team cutting holes in the silo, the corn bled out all around us and helped relieve pressure on the victim within moments".

Information Officer Mikey Fyock compared the corn to quick sand.

A Maryland State Police helicopter was on scene during the rescue in order to minimize transport time to Baltimore Shock Trauma. They quickly transported the victim within moments of rescue.

Job Well Done WVFC and other responding personnel.


:: Wed 01/12/2011 @ 10:05

2010 Santa Run

The Woodsboro Volunteer Fire/Rescue Company's Annual Santa Run progressed on December 12th, 2010.  Many children raced to see santa, some of them forgetting their jackets and shoes.  Santa handed out fire prevention bags as well as candy canes to the children and parents.  We hope everyone enjoyed it and is safe this holiday season.  We hope to see everyone next year.

Pictured: Santa Claus (Mikey Fyock) talking to some of the children from Woodsboro

:: Wed 12/29/2010 @ 01:15

MVA - 194 & Glade Road

November 19th, 2010 - MVA @ 194 and Glade Road. Units from Woodsboro and Walkersville responded. Both patients were transported by ground.

:: Mon 11/22/2010 @ 11:36

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