In 1953, a group of citizens met in the Woodsboro Town Hall, which was located in the bank building on Main Street. The citizens met to decide what to do with $30,000 they had in “the community betterment fund.” The money collected was from the proceeds raised from the Woodsboro town carnivals to pay for the “Town War Memorial.” My mother told me that Roy Clark and Jimmy Dean was just some of the entertainment that preformed at these carnivals. A motion was made to use $5,000 to start a water system in the town, and to place $15,000 in reserve. It was decided that the rest of the money would be used to purchase the first fire engine for the town.

The hard working membership of the Woodsboro Volunteer Fire Department and area citizens still remain very active with fund raisers and the annual carnival each year. Since the arrival of the first fire engine our fire/rescue fleet has grown. Through the years, our services have consisted of an ambulance, ladder truck, rescue squad, cascade service, a boat, and a dive team. Our missions have taken us from the shores of the Chesapeake Bay helping rescue citizens off the roof’s of there homes during disastrous flooding. Our missions have taken us to the heights of one of our nation’s landmarks to help protect it during the 911 attacks, the Pentagon. Our missions have taken us to the depths of our cold and dark local ponds and lakes to rescue or recover some of life’s most treasured gifts, our children.

Just as important is our mission to help our handicapped citizens and senior citizens who have become too weak from life. These citizens are forced to set aside humiliation and embarrassment to ask for help. That help may be for there long life friend, or mate, or even for them selves. The request may be just to help them up off the floor or even to or from the bathroom. We must never forget our reason, or loose our compassion. We should never forget and always remember that our citizens depend and trust on us to help them in there hour of need.This is just some of our history, just some of our purpose, and a few of our missions. We are a small group with a huge responsibility, a responsibility that we take voluntary, and I am very proud of our department and very proud of our membership.

Woodsboro VFD

Woodsboro Volunteer Fire Company…In the year 1953, a group of citizens met in the Woodsboro Hall over the bank building to decide what to do with  $30,000 they had in “The Community Betterment Fund”. The money was the proceeds from carnivals held to pay the balance of expenses on the Town War Memorial. A motion was made to give the town $5,000 to start a water system and up to $15,000 if water was supplied. The remaining balance was donated to buy a fire engine… Since the arrival of the first fire engine, the company now has two fire engines, an ambulance, a rescue squad, a ladder truck and a boat.

Woodsboro Volunteer Services …The Woodsboro Volunteer Fire Company provides Fire, Rescue, Ambulance and Water Rescue Services to the citizens of Woodsboro and surrounding communities. The station is staffed with five paid DFRS personnel 24/7. In addition to staffed DFRS personnel, volunteer personnel are on call 24/7 to respond to emergencies.
Woodsboro Volunteer Funding …Currently the department is funded by internal fund raising efforts as well as a fire district tax program established by the county to fund the cost of daytime personnel. The Woodsboro Volunteer Fire Company does bill for its ambulance services, however fire fighting services are not. Donations are accepted and appreciated by the company. Donations may be sent to our address listed on our contact page!