Jimmy Shankle (11/21/1925 – 06/24/2009)

The Community and This Department mourns the lost of a dear member, Jimmy Shankle.

Jim was a long time member of Woodsboro VFD and New Midway VFD.  Jim was much more than this. He was a silent Hero. A silent hero  not only to our Department and community , but too our Country. Jim was a true example of the “Heart of a Volunteer”. Jim served his Country during WW11. He was present at D-Day. He was in the Navy and his Squadron operated the boats that  transported the troops that hit the beaches. He told me that his Squadron started that day with 180 men. He was 1 of only 60 that survived that day . He also was badly injured at the Iwo Jima landing. Jim spent many months recuperating in Hospital before returning home.

When he returned home he continued to protect and serve his Country by joining the Fire Department as a Volunteer Fireman. He used his knowledge from his Navy years and was instrumental in starting the water Rescue Service(Boat 16) at our Station and is still functioning today and has expanded into a underwater Dive Team. During the flood of Hurricane Agnes he operated BT-16 and I can remember pictures of him in the Frederick News Post floating inside Citizens Truck Company, Fire Station #4 and retrieving equipment and items from the water floods. Again I repeat, that Jimmy was instrumental in starting Boat 16. In more recent times. Boat 16 also was used to help rescue Citizens during other storms and floods and even provided mutual aid help as far as Baltimore City and surrounding areas that were trapped.  

Jimmy was always ready, willing  and able to help when needed. The quality that stood out the most in my mind about Jim was that he always knew his limitation. He never claimed to be a expert. He would find a way to help you.

Even in his later years where his health wouldn’t allow him to Fight Fires, he helped with fund raisers. Just prior and days to his death. Jim helped make Pot Pie at the Carnival in June 2009. I know he was not feeling well and also knowing he was about  to face a major operation didn’t stop him. That is why I call him a silent Hero.  I will tell you this. If my family’s life, or my life depended on someone tying a knot. I would pick and trust Jim above anyone else I have ever known. He taught and helped many a member learn to knots. Yes like so many that has already gone before him. He too will be greatly missed. We thank him for all he did for our Country and our Community.

Mickey Fyock (Chief 16)

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